How APTC is Structured



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The Association of Professional Tour Caddies ( the "Association") comprises of three entities:

2) Caddies United Inc
3) APTC Charities.

The membership elected Board of Directors and Officers of APTC, will also serve as the Board of Directors and Officers of Caddies United Inc and APTC Charities.


APTC is the non-profit, 501(c)6, trade association entity, which aims to promote and fund (through annual membership dues) the purpose and objectives of the “Association", as per the APTC by-laws and constitution.


The purposes for which the Association is organized are:
(a) The betterment of the conditions of those engaged in a common pursuit;
(b) The improvement of the grade of the Association’s products and services; and
(c) The development of a higher degree of efficiency in their occupation.


(a) To unite into one association all caddies serving as caddies on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, LIV Golf without regard to of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, age, or sex;
(b) To secure improved working conditions and other economic advantages, through organization, negotiations, through legal and economic means and other lawful methods;
(c) To safeguard, advance, and promote the position of the Association and its membership;
(d) To safeguard, advance, and promote the security and welfare of the Association and its membership;
(e) To protect and preserve the Association as an institution and to perform its legal and contractual obligations; and
(f) To further promote the game of professional golf and to improve to whatever degree possible, the quality of the position of a caddie in professional golf


Caddies United Inc, is the “for profit” entity of the Association, that houses all group sponsorship monies for distributions to member caddies for participation in any said sponsor programs. This is where sponsorship monies from the JaniKing towel program (and any other group sponsorship programs we provide) is held and distributed to participating members. Your payments and 1099s for your participation in any group sponsorship programs will come from Caddies United Inc.


APTC Charities is the non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable entity of the Association. This houses all funds raised as a group for any of our charitable partners (e.g. St Judes) and our APTC Members' Benevolent Fund.

Our Benevolent Fund was put in place to provide emergency financial assistance to any fellow member and immediate family member(s) under severe financial duress due to life threatening disease, illness, accident or death. A formal application for benevolence funds must be submitted to the Board for approval of any such financial assistance.


The APTC has partnered with The Caddie Network, a digital media platform, that brings a fresh voice to the world of golf through the lens of professional tour caddies.