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Scotland’s Caddies

By November 5, 2015Caddie Advice

Scotland’s Caddies

Filmmaker, Ron Colby, provides an entertaining look at Scotland’s famed caddies. The film’s objective is to bring these characters to the forefront and emphasize their role in the game of golf. Scotland’s Caddies combines imagery, history and storytelling, making it a CAN’T MISS.

For golf enthusiasts, Scotland’s Caddies, offers an overview of the history of golf and the role caddies have played. Golf in Scotland is more than a game. It is a passion and the caddies have been there throughout.

Golf fans, do yourself a favor. Take an hour and listen to the stories told by these individuals. One underlining theme amongst them all, is their undying respect for the game we all love. We promise, you will be entertained.

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