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Robert Garrigus prays for spectator hit by drive.

By July 4, 2016Caddie News
Robert Garrigus

Too often in sports we focus on the misconduct of our athletes. From drug abuse, to financial improprieties, to spousal abuse grab headlines and drive ratings.

Occasionally, we are told about the charity work done by athletes, but those are few and far between.

This weekend, at the Barracuda Championship, one of those true acts of kindness was on display. During Friday’s 2nd Round, Robert Garrigus hit an arrant drive on the 6th hole hitting a volunteer in the head 300 yards down the right side of the fairway.

The average ball speed of a PGA Player is 165 mph. Imagine what kind of damage a golf ball traveling 165 mph would do.

On Saturday, July 2nd, Brent Henley took to Facebook to describe the situation and how Robert Garrigus showed us that athletes can be compassionate and vulnerable.

Yesterday, Brent updated fans on the volunteer and thankfully it looks like she will be ok with a great story to tell her friends.

We would like to take a moment to thank all the amazing people who volunteer each week at PGA Tour stops. The work and dedication they put in week in and week out is what makes this Tour a special place.

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  • Phil Epperson says:

    Brent, I know last two years have not been the best you and your player. The story you related last week was very touching. Your player, Robert, is upstanding and considerate. A true professional. You seem to have a great relationship. Great luck these next few month. Get that top 125 Fedex or better for next year.

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