Mick Doran

How long have you caddied?
27 years

Current Player
Luke Donald

Past Players
Francesco Molinari, Constantino rocca, Lee Westwood, Justin rose, David Howell, Darren Clarke , Thomas Bjorn, and Brendan Steele

Childhood Home Town
Egham Surrey

Did you play college Golf?

What is your greatest Golf memory?
Constantino rocca holding a putt from the valley of sin ( St. Andrews ) British open to get in a playoff.
Also, winning Ryder cups.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
Winning at Wentworth for the PGA Championship on the European tour , as I started my caddying around there from 12 years old.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
Different everyday and the last holes of a tournament when your in contention where you can make a difference.