David Stone

David Stone

Twitter Handle

How long have you caddied?
Since 2011

Current Player
Ben Silverman

Past Players
Mark Anderson, Ha Na Jang, Azahara Munoz, Cindy Lacrosse

Childhood Home Town
Unionville, Ontario

Did you play college Golf?

Where did you play?
University of Victoria (NAIA)

What is your greatest Golf memory?
The Junior program at my home club growing up. 20 good juniors who all loved the game as much as I did. We would be at the course from 7AM till dark all summer long. Many putting competitions for milkshakes were won back then.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
The first week. Driving 18 hours alone to Mobile, Alabama. Not knowing anyone or what I was really doing but just always remembering after the first, this is where I want to be.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
Getting into contention. You work so hard all week with the chance to do something special Sunday afternoon. It's a feeling that must be experienced, but it fuels you to work your butt off each week.