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5 Most Difficult Shots on Tour

By November 2, 2015Uncategorized
Par 3 14th at Harbour Town Links Club
The hole plays 190 yards with swirling wind, water short and right with one of the smallest greens on Tour.
Par 3 17th at PGA National Champion Course
This green is angled left to right and built for a cut shot. The wind usually plays from the right at 15-20 mph with water down the right side and short, making this a very difficult shot.
Tee Shot on Par 4 18th at Shell Houston Open
Water down the left and a sharp drop off on the left edge of the fairway funnels tee shots to the water. The safe play is to bail right with a long iron into the green if you are lucky enough not be on a lip.
Par 3 12th at Augusta National
150 yard plus or minus with a shot to an angled, shallow green. The swirling winds on this hole are always a big factor.
Par 3 12th at Muirfield Village Golf Course
An elevated tee to a shallow green. Plays from 155-180 yards with swirling wind, water in front protected by a deep firm bunker.

5 Most Difficult Shots on Tour

When asked which shots are the most intimidating for Caddies on the PGA Tour, these 5 holes more often than not were mentioned. Of the 5 most difficult shots on Tour, 4 are Par 3’s with only one Par 4 being mentioned routinely.

Many variables come into play when hitting into Par 3’s. Decisions are hard to make and mistakes are amplified. All of these Par 3’s have difficult wind conditions to deal with along with greens protected by water.

Like your everyday amateur, water and wind intimidate both caddies and players on the PGA Tour.

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