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Duane Bock Archives - The APTC

Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller at The Masters

Who’s That Caddie: The 2018 Masters

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 Player Caddie Aphibarnrat, Kiradech Arinchri Phalaphol Berger, Daniel Lance Bennett Bryan, Wesley William Lanier Cabrera Bello, Rafa Colin Byrne Cabrera, Angel Tony Navarro Cantlay, Patrick Matt Minister Casey, Paul John McLaren Chappell, Kevin Joe Greiner Cook, Austin Kip Henley Couples, Fred Mark Chaney Day, Jason Rika Batibashea DeChambeau, Bryson Tim Tucker Dufner, Jason Kevin Baile Ellis, Harry Jack Fulghum Finau, Tony Greg Bodine Fisher, Ross Mark Sherwood Fitzpatrick, Matthew Jamie Lane Fleetwood, Tommy Ian Finnis Fowler, Rickie Joe Skovron Frittelli, Dylan John Curtis Garcia, Sergio Glen Murray Ghim, Doug Jeff Ghim Grace, Branden Zack Rasego Hadwin, Adam Joe Cruz...
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Who’s That Caddie: Sony Open

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Player Name Caddie Name Alker, Steven Roger Herrmann Barnes, Ricky Andy Barnes Berger, Daniel Grant Berry Blair, Zac Andrew Martinez Blaum, Ryan Todd Montoya Blixt, Jonas Bill Harke Bohn, Jason Mitch Knox Bowditch, Steven Shannon Wallis Bradley, Keegan Chad Reynolds Brehm, Ryan TJ Rice Brown, Scott Nick Hughey Bryan, Wesley William Lanier Campbell, Chad Judd Burkett Carballo, Miguel Angel Hugo Alejandro Pintos Casey, Paul John McClaren Cauley, Bud Zak Williamson Chalmers, Greg Choo Dickerson Chin, John Michael Chin Choi, K.J. Don Donatello Cink, Stewart Ron Levin Collins, Chad Steve Buroker Crane, Ben Joel Stock Curran, Jon John Burke DeChambeau, Bryson...
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Duane Bock RSM Classic

Who’s That Caddie: RSM Classic

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PLAYER NAMES CADDIE NAMES Adamonis, Brad Albertson, Anders Aldridge, Tyler Zeke Salas Alker, Steven Roger Hermann Anderson, Mark David Stone Appleby, Stuart Damian Lopez Armour, Ryan Doug Tyla Axley, Eric Brandon Bywn Barber, Blayne Cory Gilmer Barnes, Ricky Andy Barnes Blair, Zac Andrew Martinez Blaum, Ryan Todd Montoya Blixt, Jonas William Harke Bohn, Jason Mitch Knox Bowditch, Steven Shannon Wallis Bozzelli, Dominic Andrew Medley Brehm, Ryan TJ Rice Broadaway, Josh Brown, Scott Nick Hughey Bryan, Wesley William Lanier Byrd, Jonathan Frank Williams Campbell, Brian David Pelekoudas Campbell, Chad Judd Burkett Carballo, Miguel Angel Hugo Pintos Castro, Roberto Rusty Stark Cauley,...
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WGC Bridgestone Invitational

Who’s that Caddie: WGC Bridgestone Invitational

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Player Caddie An, Byeong Hun Dan Parratt Aphibarnrat, Kiradech Arinchai Phalaphol Berger, Daniel Grant Berry Bowditch, Steven Shannon Wallis Casey, Paul John McLaren Chappell, Kevin Joe Grenier Coetzee, George Alan Burns Day, Jason Colin Swatton Dufner, Jason Josh Cassell English, Harris Brian Smith Fowler, Rickie Joe Skovron Fraser, Marcus Gary Edwards Furyk, Jim Mike Cowan Gomez, Fabian Adrian Monteros Grace, Branden Zach Rasego Grillo, Emiliano Jose Luis Campra Haas, Bill Lance Bennett Hahn, James Mark Urbanek Herman, Jim Matt Achatz Hoffman, Charley Brett Waldman Holman, Nathan Kyle Roadley Holmes, J.B. Brandon Parsons Hurley III, Billy Clay Duerson Johnson, Dustin Austin...
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Travel with the Bock Family

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Ask just about any caddie out on Tour what the worst part of the job is and you are likely to hear, "the travel and being away from family." This is now a year round profession on multiple continents. We are traveling from tour spot to tour spot the majority of the year. We spend most nights in hotel rooms, scrambling to get to flights, eating bad food and generally missing the comforts of home life. This is why it's so great when the kids are out of school and we can take them along. Take the Bock family for...
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Caddie Quiz

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Caddie Quiz Show us how well you know the guys behind the players on the PGA Tour. Name the 8 players that are teamed with these APTC members. How big of a golf fan are you? Share and let your golf buddies know.

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John Deere Insights from Duane Bock

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Moline, IL — As the first round of the John Deere Classic gets underway today, we wanted to ensure fans understand know how the pros feel the course will set up and where to see the best action of the week. We spoke with Duane Bock, caddie for Kevin Kisner, to give us his insights. Insights from Duane Bock “With over 3 inches of rain on Monday afternoon, the course was still playing wet today during the Pro-AM.” So expect the course to play a little longer than normal as most shots will not release much (at least today and tomorrow). Weather…

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Altitude, Firm Greens, and 1 Toilet

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Altitude This is not Colorado and we haven’t seen humidors being set up anywhere, but expect the thinner air of  West Virginia to be a cause for concern this week on the PGA Tour. The Greenbrier sits approximately 2000 feet above sea level, which will have a small impact on carry distance for tee shots and long irons. Do not expect much debate about the affects of altitude with short irons. The golf ball dimples and increased backspin created by short iron shots should negate much of the altitude affect. Altitude should also play a bigger role for afternoon groups,…

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